MAC 2023


The biggest music spectacle in Southeast Europe, the Music Awards Ceremony (MAC) organized by SKYMUSIC, this year exceeded all previous musical frameworks, which is why the MAC 2023 edition brings two days of awards ceremony, with sensational performances of today’s most renowned music icons!

The most popular names of trap, drill and modern alternative music, accompanied by impressive musical and stage effects and demanding dance elements, will perform on the first day of the event, while on the second day of the ceremony, the MAC stage will be conquered by music veterans, performers who have sovereignly ruled the regional scene for decades, representing the undisputed musical elite of pop, rock, rap, world music and folk music.

A unique regional manifestation, guided by the idea that music speaks a universal language, again combines the incompatible, uniting all musical genres and gathering the biggest music stars from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Slovenia on just one stage!

Fueled by as many as seven of the most prestigious international awards – for the best European event, the best music awards ceremony, the best live music show, the best music event, the best scenography and the best audio visual event, the best brand event and the best design, MAC 2023, after the break caused by the pandemic, continues its development path, once again setting the highest musical and production standards ever seen in this region!



2. Global Event Award, BEST CEREMONY (1st place)

3. Global Event Award, BEST EUROPEAN EVENT (1st place)

4. Global Event Award, LIVE SHOW (2nd place)

5. Global Event Award, SET DESIGN SUPPLIER (2nd place)

6. Global Event Award, AUDIOVISUAL SUPPLIER (3rd place)

7.  BeaWorld Festival, Milano: BEST MUSICAL EVENT 2019 (3rd place)

The special curiosity of the MAC ceremony is that this event, by the decision of the competent city institutions, was recently declared a manifestation of importance for the City of Belgrade. Like previous editions, MAC 2023 is organized with the support of the City of Belgrade.

Acquiring the status of the most prestigious music event ever seen in this region, MAC has so far gathered more than 450 celebrities from six countries in one place – Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia, while seven TV stations from the countries of the region with a national frequency, broadcasted both editions of the MAC ceremony. Over 5 million people from the region watched the TV broadcast of the MAC Awards ceremony.

Millions of people from all over the world followed the MAC ceremony via live stream platforms, so the selection for the prestigious MAC awards took on a global character – in addition to voters from the countries of the region, votes came from all European countries, and mostly from Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. A significant number of votes came from the American, Asian and African continents. The total number of votes exceeded a staggering 2 million.

In addition to the immeasurable contribution to the development of the music industry of the region, while affirming excellence, cooperation, tolerance and diversity, MAC 2023 also has a humanitarian character. As in previous years, the third edition of the largest regional awarding ceremony for exceptional performers of all musical genres is being realized in cooperation with UNICEF.